WO Tracking Number Is Growing

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Nine-digit work order tracking number

The length of a work order tracking number will soon change from 8 to 9 digits. This will happen as soon as there are no more 8-digit numbers left, but we suppose it will be this June.

The shift from 8- to 9-digit WO tracking number will not affect your API or XML integration unless you have limited the length of a WO tracking number to 8 digits. However, review and test your apps in advance to check how they handle the larger tracking number value. We also recommend sharing this information with whoever is responsible for integration with ServiceChannel or may be interested in this change.

In Service Automation, a WO tracking number is a unique system-generated number used for work order identification. This tracking number consists of 8 digits, but to accommodate the growth of our client base over 15 years, we have to increase the length of a WO tracking number to 9 digits.

We hope that this milestone-driven change will not inconvenience you or your team, but feel free to reach out should you have any questions or need help.