App Registration

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Register your application to obtain client_id and client_secret that are required for authentication and authorization. You must have either a subscriber account with the Super Admin role or provider account with admin rights to register.

To register an application in the Sandbox2 or Production Environment:

  1. Sign in to ServiceChannel. Sandbox2 Production
  2. Go to the app registration page. Sandbox2 Production

    Note: In case access to the app registration page is denied, you have an inappropriate account role. Contact your ServiceChannel administrator or representative.

  3. Click Add new client.
  4. Enter the app registration information. Other fields are optional.
    • For mobile apps: product name
    • For all other apps: product name and callback URI
  5. Click Save.

Your app is now registered, and you have client_id, client_secret, and the callback URI (optional). The next step is authentication and authorization.

Tip: Click Export to save your client_id and client_secret in a secure place on your computer. Treat your app credentials with care and never share with others.