Getting Started

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ServiceChannel has a host of different features, but the cornerstone of our platform is a work order.

Follow this getting started guide to create your first work order.

About a Work Order

Think of a work order as a Jira task or YouTrack issue. A work order details what happened and what should be done; it has a due date, assignee, and much more.

When subscribers need cleaning services or find a roof leakage, they create work orders that are assigned to certain providers. These providers solve the problem and “close” the work order.

Required Parameters

To create a work order, you need to pass some required information about the problem that occurred. In real life, you collect all these values using our API, but for a quick start we are providing you with the ready data.

Parameter   Description Value
  SubscriberId The subscriber’s unique identification number. 2014917243
  StoreId The property unique identification number. 100
  TradeName The type of work a provider performs. HVAC
  ProviderId The provider’s unique identification number. 2000090505
Category   The overall classification of a work order. CAPEX
Priority   The period during which a provider should complete the work. P2 - 8 Hours
Nte   The maximum monetary amount that a provider may charge for the service. 100
CallDate   The work order creation date and time. 2017-12-22T01:00:00Z
Description   The overall description of a problem. Hello world! I have used the ServiceChannel API to create my first work order.

Create a Work Order

Steps to create a WO

Now it is time to generate a work order using our API.

  1. Go to API Reference.
  2. Click Authorize, enter sandbox subscriber username and password and click Login.
  3. Go to the POST /workorders section and click Try it out under the method description.
  4. Copy the following JSON into the request body field and click Execute.
      "ContractInfo": {
     "SubscriberId": 2014917243,
     "StoreId": "100",
     "TradeName": "HVAC",
     "ProviderId": 2000090505
      "Category": "CAPEX",
      "Priority": "P2 - 8 Hours",
      "Nte": 100,
      "CallDate": "2017-12-22T01:00:00Z",
      "Description": "Hello world! I have used the ServiceChannel API to create my first work order."

    Note: Do not forget to change the CallDate value.

You should receive 201 Created status code and the work order ID in the response body.

What Is Next

You have just created your first work order, but this is just the beginning of your journey to our API. Choose where you go next:

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