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ServiceChannel provides two environments: Sandbox2 and Production.

Sandbox2 Environment

Sandbox2, or simply SB2, is a fully functional environment created for trying and testing.


Use SB2 to explore our API or test your applications before deploying to production. We also use this environment for all examples in our guides.

As Sandbox2 is a shared environment used by other developers, its data is continuously changing. You may get responses that differ from our code examples.

SB2 is refreshed each weekend, so all changes you make during a week will disappear after the refresh.

Production Environment

Production Environment is where applications happen in real life.


Production is an environment that contains real data and is designed for live integrations. Use this environment only for mature applications that are 100% ready to go live.

Note that new API methods are replicated from SB2 to Production Environment with a slight delay. This means that even when a method is already available on SB2, it may not be working on Production for some time.

We strongly recommend you to start in Sandbox Mode and move to the Production Environment only when your application is fully tested and ready to go live.