Introducing Webhooks

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Webhooks release date

To answer your needs, we’ve added webhooks to the ServiceChannel API.

Previously, to stay up to date, you had to send API requests over and over again. With webhooks, you will stop polling for data and will receive it only after the event of your interest happens.

Webhooks are a tool that can send you real-time notifications when something important happens to your work orders or invoices. You can set up webhooks either through our API or Service/Provider Automation UI, and our webhook guide is here to help you out.

You can subscribe to one particularly important event or sign up for all 28 events that are related to work orders, invoices, proposals, and more. As soon as one of those events happens, we’ll notify you by POSTing data to the URL specified in the webhook.

Webhooks is your helping hand for being on top of earth-shattering events related to your work orders, proposals, or invoices. Whether you want to receive specific notifications or strive to control just about everything, webhooks are here at your disposal.