Types of Events

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Events are at the core of webhooks.

We support 28 events, with more coming soon. The events in the table below are grouped by object.

Note: The event names follow an ObjectEvent pattern. The first part of the name is the event object name, while the second part is the event title. The WorkOrderCheckIn and WorkOrderCheckOut events, however, do not follow this pattern and belong to CheckInAndOut object.

Object Event Description
WorkOrder WorkOrderCreated A work order is submitted.
WorkOrder WorkOrderNoteAdded A note is added to a work order. Usually means that the status, scheduled date, completed date, description, etc. is updated.
CheckInAndOut WorkOrderCheckIn A check-in is reported.
CheckInAndOut WorkOrderCheckOut A check-out is reported.
Invoice InvoiceCreated An invoice is generated.
Invoice InvoiceOpen An invoice status is changed to OPEN.
Invoice InvoiceApproved An invoice is accepted and can move forward for payment.
Invoice InvoiceOnHold An invoice is put on hold and requires further review before being approved or rejected.
Invoice InvoiceReviewed A multi-level invoice (MLI) is being reviewed.
Invoice InvoiceRejected An invoice is denied as costs or details are not agreed upon. May require the provider to resubmit the invoice after discussion with the subscriber.
Invoice InvoiceApprovalCodeChanged An invoice approval code is changed.
Invoice InvoiceVoided An invoice is voided by a provider.
Invoice InvoicePaid An invoice is paid via the Service Automation’s Payment Manager module.
Invoice InvoiceDisputed An invoice is disputed as the entered tax was not verified by the Service Automation’s Sales Tax Validation module.
Invoice InvoiceStarAdded An invoice is marked with a star.
Invoice InvoiceStarRemoved A star is removed from an invoice.
Proposal ProposalCreated A proposal is generated.
Proposal ProposalOpen A proposal status is changed to OPEN.
Proposal ProposalApproved A proposal is approved.
Proposal ProposalOnHold A proposal is put on hold and requires further review.
Proposal ProposalReviewed A multi-level proposal (MLP) is being reviewed.
Proposal ProposalRejected A proposal is denied as costs or details are not agreed upon.
Proposal ProposalUserAssigned A proposal is assigned to another user.
Proposal ProposalWorkOrderAssigned A proposal is assigned to a work order.
Proposal ProposalVoided A proposal is voided by the provider.
Proposal ProposalScheduled A proposal is scheduled by the provider.
Proposal ProposalAttachmentAdded An attachment is added to the proposal.
FbInvitation FbInvitationAccepted A provider has accepted a subscriber’s invitation to Private Network in Fixxbook.
Important: You cannot add rules for the FbInvitationAccepted event.