Before You Start

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Before you can create an invoice for testing purposes, you need to complete several steps.

Step 1. Create a WO

Create a work order either following the classic or the IssueList approach.

Step 2. Update a WO Status

Update the work order status to Completed or Completed/Confirmed. See Update a Work Order Status for instructions.

Step 3. Gather Invoice Requirements

To use the proper API call and get to know the list of required parameters, you need to get the subscriber’s invoice requirements. Currently, you cannot obtain these requirements using API, so ask the subscriber the following questions:

  • How many days before and after the posting date can providers generate invoices?
  • Is a resolution text required to create an invoice?
  • Should providers create a Standard Invoice or a Line Item Invoice?

Note: Answers to these questions would give you the list of parameters that are required for proper invoice validation. In real life, subscribers would provide you with a more extended list of invoice requirements.

Subscribers configure their invoice requirements in the Invoice General section of the Actionable Landing Page (more > Admin > Invoices > General).

Invoice General settings

Invoice Date

The Invoice Date subsection determines when providers can generate an invoice. See Configuring the Invoice Date for more details.

Invoice Date subsection

Invoice Resolution Text

When a resolution text is required, include the InvoiceText parameter in an API request to create an invoice. See Invoice Parameters for more details.

Invoice Resolution Text subsection

Require Line Items

If Require Line Items subsection is empty, the subscriber accepts a Standard Invoice.

If Require Line Items subsection contains trade or category names, the subscriber prefers a Line Item Invoice for work orders of these trades and categories.

Require Line Items subsection

Important: After you submit an invoice, you cannot edit it. Should you need to correct an invoice, first void it and then generate a new one. There is no API method for voiding an invoice, so use the UI. Note that you cannot void an invoice after it has been rejected or put on hold. In case a subscriber rejects an invoice, you cannot edit the rejected invoice. You need to generate a new invoice.