About Check-In/Out

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Recording check-ins and check-outs is vital for both subscribers and providers. It allows to keep track of the time that technicians spent on traveling or working, is helpful when preparing invoices, or can be used for analytical purposes.

ServiceChannel provides several ways for reporting work activities. You can check in/out by calling into the Interactive voice response system (IVR), using the GPS Check-In mobile app, and submitting a request via XML or API.

Using our API, you can report the time that technicians spent on traveling to a location, repairing broken stuff, or relaxing during a lunch break. You can also record the technicians’ coordinates when they check in/out within the subscriber defined radius of the location.

Important: Mind that you cannot report most activities unless special permissions are enabled.

This guide describes four types of check-in/out: travel, provider, GPS, and custom. Though these types are different, you should use the same two universal methods:

POST /workorders/{workorderId}/universalCheckIn to check in

POST /workorders/{workorderId}/universalCheckOut to check out