Link a WO to a Proposal

1 minute read

Subscribers can attach an existing work order (WO) to a proposal. This may be useful when there is a service request in the system for the project the proposal was created for. If the proposal already has a linked work order, you can reassign it by attaching a different service request.

Step 1. Get the Required Parameters

First, get the unique numeric IDs of the proposal and work order that you want to link.


Get the ID of the proposal you want to link a work order to.


workorderId is a unique ID, or tracking number, of the work order that you want to attach to the proposal.

You can retrieve the WOs you have using the following methods. The field you are looking for is Id.

Important: Before you send the API request, please consider the following:

  • The trade, category, location, and assigned provider of the work order must be the same as those of the proposal.
  • You cannot attach an invoiced work order.

Step 2. Attach a Work Order to a Proposal

Now you can send the following API request to link a work order to a proposal:

PUT /proposals/{proposalId}/assignWO

Header Value
Content-Type application/json
Parameter Parameter type Example value
proposalId Path 10010836
workorderId Body 140324907

Example request:

Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
Content-Type: application/json


Response code: HTTP/1.1 204 No Content